Types Of Federal Bank Debit Cards and Features


                              The federal bank provides international accepted debit cards such as MASTERCARD and VISA. There are different kinds of debit cards offered by Federal Bank. Those are;

  • Shop ‘n Save Debit Card

                       The federal bank offers a safe way to shop with shop ‘n save debit card. It provides daily cash withdrawal of Rs.50,000 and daily shopping limit Rs.50,000. Total daily limit of Rs.1,00,000. All customers except no-frill account holders can apply for this debit card. You will get an application form from the bank and download the application from the internet and submit the completely filled form to the bank. After the processing procedures, you will get the debit card and PIN number from the bank or they sent via postal service.

  • Visa Gold Debit Card

It is for privileged account holders with more features and services. It allows daily shopping limit of Rs.1,00,000 and cash withdrawal limit of Rs.1,00,000. The total daily limit is Rs.2,00,000. You can apply for this debit card at the bank.

  • Visa Platinum Debit Card


This card is only provided for those who are eligible for superior services. This offers daily shopping limit of Rs.2,00,000 and daily withdrawal of Rs.2,00,000 each. The total amount of withdrawal is Rs.4,00,000. This card accepts all worldwide locations. It is globally recognized priority card. This can apply only those account holders with a minimum amount of Rs.5,00,000.

  • Master Card Premium Debit Card

It is mainly designed for FedSelect customers with premium features. This card contains a photo printed on it to provide personalized banking experience. It provides daily cash withdrawal and shopping of Rs.2,00,000 each. The total limit is Rs.4,00,000.

  • Rupay Classic Debit Card

Rupay card is an Indian version of the debit card. This can be used only in India. The daily shopping limit and withdrawal are Rs.50,000 only. The total limit is Rs.1,00,000. All types of account holders can apply for this card.

  • Rupay Platinum International Debit Card

It is a premium international debit card offered by Federal Bank in association with NPCI. It provides higher transaction limits, daily shopping and daily withdrawal of Rs.1,00,000 each. And total amount limits Rs.2,00,000. It is provided for all new Resident SB account holders.