The online platforms for financial planning for youngsters

Now a day the youngsters are worried about their career planning. At that time they think about when to start? How to start? How much money to invest? On the other hand, there are lots of cheating are also happening. You think well and also investigate well before you invest money in financial plans. Earning money is a habit for everyone. You can choose any of the following financial planning for start your career.

  1. Medi-claim policy

                         The cost of treatment is getting increasing the day by day. You can take high amount policy with pay low premium amount. The working firm will also provide the medical claim for their employees. But it is better to start a claim individually. If you hospitalized and you don’t have any claim you need to pay a lot of money to that hospital. And if you have the medi claim coverage the whole hospital expenses will pay by the medi claim insurance company.

  1. Term Insurance

                         The main advantage of this policy is the youngsters can start this short-term insurance at the lowest premium. It will only take a branded shirt’s price range. The youngsters those who are starting the career with education liabilities and sometimes something wrong happen to you that liability has come under the parent’s shoulder. At that time they must initiate that liability. So the new generation should take their career policies seriously.

  1. Personal Accident Policy


Accidents are a part of everyday life. The young premium members will pay 600-700 rupees per month to avail this policy. You will get personal benefits of Rs.10 lakhs. If you had an accident and you get hospitalized, you can claim this insurance. It will solve your financial problems. The yearly premium amount will take up to 6000-7000 rupees. By activating this policy you can live without any fear about your life.

  1. Retirement Plans

If you are invested in this policy, you will get a premium interest amount in every month after your retirement. You need to only pay Rs.500-600 per month so the annual premium is Rs.5000-6000. By giving this small amount in a year you can live how you live in the past days. You will get 9.5% interest amount against your plan. This is good to start in the earlier period of your job. After your retirement, you can earn huge amount of money in every month.

The things to be noted before taking a policy

Nowadays the most of them are interested to invest their money through online platforms. Before that you must make sure the following pieces of information;

  • Check the security system of the company that you wish to invest your money
  • Find a financial advisor to know more about the financial plan. Don’t be a self-fund manager.
  • Choose the best financial platform. And confirm that the plan is good for your career or not.
  • Make sure that the company has a backend system program.

You only focus on the way to invest the money to achieve your goals, not the commission that they offer.