NRI Gold loan and Car loan Offered By Federal bank


The federal bank provides NRI gold loans for the NRI customers with attractive interest rates.

  1. Federal Gold Loan for NRI’s

This facility is supported by over 1000 branches. This provides quick processing time with a low-interest rate. The repayment period is 12 months. You can only pledge 22ct gold jewels. Any individuals can apply for this loan. The repayment of this loan is arranged in EMI forms. If you are a new customer you need to submit your copy of passport for your identity, an address proof such as ration card, passport or any valid bills and recent passport size photographs.

  1. Special Gold Loan


It will give you the 85% of the market price of your ornaments with low-interest cost. You can pledge 22ct gold ornaments or gold coins. The maximum amount repayable period is 6 months. No hidden charges will apply. You can avail this loan from your branch and any individual can apply for this loan. You need to submit your identity proof (passport), photographs and address proof with the ornaments. The maximum loan amount is 75 Lakhs and the minimum amount is Rs.1000.

  1. Digi-Gold Loan

It will provide you old overdraft facilities. You need to submit the identity proof, address proof and recent passport size photographs with the ornaments. You can only pledge 22ct gold. They provide maximum loan amount up to Rs.150 Lakhs and the minimum amount is Rs.1000. It will charge the processing fees. You can shop online, make bill payments and transfer funds from the Digi-Gold account.



You will get car loans from Federal Bank by submitting the fully filled application form with the passport size photos of you and the co obligant, identity proof, address proof, age proof and fro the non-resident customers will submit some additional documents such as copy of passport, visa, work permit and the ID card to avail this loan. The repayment of this loan is made in installment modes. They will provide maximum loan repayment period of 60 months. The repayment period will change by the mode of the vehicle. Any NRI individuals can apply for this loan by online or through visit the bank.